Roofing Services

Renovating or replacing an existing building roof is often more challenging than the construction of a new facility in that one does not start with a blank slate.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining your building’s roof may get pushed to the back burner when it is time to allocate your yearly budget.

Repair/Restoration Services

SGK Contracting Inc. offers efficient and dependable repair services to extend the life of your existing commercial roof.

Additional Services

As a full-service roofing company, SGK Contracting offers many services that others do not have the resources to offer.

Single Ply Thermoplastic Systems

Thermoplastic single-ply roof systems are the number one choice for building owners seeking to balance energy efficiency, environmental concerns, performance, and budget.

Maintenance Contracts

SGK Contracting provides ongoing maintenance services to extend the life of your roof and help prevent potential damage to your structure and its contents.

Energy Efficient Roofing Construction

Eco Roofs, White Roofs, Sustainable Roofing

Commercial Metal Roofing Systems

SGK Contracting has a wide variety of sheet metal roofing materials and products including Copper, Stainless Steel TCS II, Kynar Painted Galvanized Steel, and Kynar Painted Aluminum.