Implement Sustainable Solar Energy by Installing Innovative Solar Rooftop Panels

Solar power is a life-changing, sustainable energy for high-consumption residents, industries, and commercial properties. Apart from cutting down your electricity bill, the higher your electricity, the more beneficial it is to install the renewable source. SGK believes in providing the right rooftop solution to the concerns and challenges faced by building owners, especially architects looking to install solar on commercial flat roof systems in a high wind zone area.

From the decision-making stage up to installing your rooftop solar, we assist you in evaluating your solar potential using our advanced yet easy-to-use tools. With years of expertise, we have hands-on deep commercial roofing knowledge that helps us offer unique solar panel installation solutions, distinguishing us from traditional solar contractors.

We Aim to:

  • Provide competitive pricing
  • Make buying solar simple and easy
  • Present easy financing options, with easy-to-service loans
  • Provide high standards of quality
  • Give you a lifetime of support

Benefits of Rooftop Solar:

  • Lower Electricity Bills
  • Increase Property Value
  • Create Revenue from Unused Roof Space
  • Extend Roof Warranty
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Rebates and Tax Incentives Available