Providing a Comprehensive Roof Care Solution from Roof Repair to the Restoration of Your Existing Commercial Roof

The roof is a significant part of any commercial building. There are numerous options available in the market for fixing your roof. Roof repairs generally take care of minor problems to severe damage caused by the storms. In comparison, restoration involves cleaning the roof, making necessary repairs, and then re-coating it to ensure it works well. There is no doubt that repairs are a part of the restoration process.

At SGK, we hear out and understand our customer’s needs and accordingly provide accurate roofing solutions. Whether it requires a quick cleanup of debris, extensive seam repairs, or partial re-roofing, our experts provide the best advice and cost-effective action after a comprehensive roof inspection.

Benefits of Roof Repair and Restoration

  • More Convenient
  • Built-In Energy Savings
  • Better-than-New Roof
  • Superior Warranty

How Roof Restoration Works

  • Fabric, caulk, and elastomeric roof coating repair cracks, blisters, seams, flashings, and leaks.
  • A primer is applied to promote a solid bond to the existing surface
  • Permanently blocks the UV rays by applying highly reflective elastomeric roof coating over the roof surface.
  • Constructs a water-resistant barrier
  • Reduces thermal shock
  • Boosts the life of your roof 2-3 times its original service expectation

Why Choose Us as Your Repair and Restoration Service Provider?

  • Certified by Major Roofing & Material Manufacturers
  • Repair All Commercial Roof Systems
  • Available 24*7
  • Cordial and Highly-Skilled Technicians
  • Clean and Tidy Service
  • Fully-Stocked Vehicles