Build Hi-Tech, Energy-Efficient Roofs for Today’s Construction

Thermoplastic roof systems use thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membranes, which provide excellent weathering performance and are highly resistant to UV, tears, punctures, and most chemicals. The technology – Single Ply Thermoplastic Systems has firmly established its leading position in the commercial roofing and construction industry when it comes to optimizing slack of design, durability, and performance in industrial roofing. The system is best for owners who are seeking budget-friendly, long-lasting, environmentally concerned, and energy-efficient roofing materials.

SGK offers the finest material and installation, committed to staying at the forefront of modern roofing technology. Whether you have a small retail facility or a sprawling industrial building, we have over 20+ years of extensive track record of installing high-performance thermoplastic single-ply membrane systems. We use single-ply membrane roofs in one of three different ways:

  • Mechanically fastened
  • Fully adhered
  • Heat-welded

SGK assists you in choosing the best solutions for your roof with the help of its skilled technicians. We offer free estimates and evaluations for a single-ply membrane roof installation or your existing damaged membrane.

Benefits of Thermoplastics – TPO / PVC / KEE / CSPE

  • Long-lasting
  • Secure water-tight hot-air welded seams
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy cost savings
  • Warranties up to 30 years

Installation Features of Thermoplastics – TPO / PVC / KEE / CSPE

  • Vented
  • Mechanically affixed or fully adhered
  • Can be ballasted
  • Quick installation on large rooftops
  • Available thicknesses of 45 to 120 mils
  • Reinforced with polyester – scrim
  • Optional polyester-fleece backing